Attendance Desktop Application

This is free software that can be use in any small company, Punch card machine is huge sometimes you need more money to keep it maintenance or buying card. imagine if you have 300 staff? cost is cost and this is your solution. it only use a desktop (PC) connect to printer to print as record 1 A4 size can fit in 4 staff record. To use this software this is what you need:

  • Desktop (low end / high end)
  • no CCleaner Software / cleaner catch anti virus software
  • Printer

How to install? follow this step:

  • Unzip it to any folder you want
  • Run Attendance App.exe
  • this can be add at your windows start-up for auto start app every time windows start
  • Don't like the alarm sound? Change any mp3 file name to Alarm.mp3 file and replace the original sound alarm file.

And this is stuff that you can do as Admin

  • Change admin password (for the first time intall default password is: password)
  • Change Time Attendance (morning, Lunch Break, Off time)
  • Change Company Name
  • Add Stuff
  • Remove Stuff
  • Edit Time line every Stuff that wrong Punch in or out (require Password to edit)
  • Print out or Print as PDF file

Here is the Screenshot for the Software.



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